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  1. Hello! In this weeks update we're making huge changes to Group ironman and much more and some QOL changes/bug fixes! Introducing Galanor Wizard Set! Brand new BIS Magic Set! You can obtain the new Galanor Wizard set in the upgrade chest by upgrading your Luna + Demonic peice + Heroic Dust (Upgrade dust) This set comes with a 1.2x heroic points multiplayer while wearing full set + 10 Droprate per peice! Heroic Merchant We have heard your concerns about heroic items aren't sold to easily therefor to upgrade for the new BIS magic set you have to sacrifice Heroic items to get the new dust! The shop is located at home Toolbelt This QoL been requested for a long time and we have finally had some time over to add this new addition to the game! You can find the toolbelt in your equipment After pressing the tool the interface opens where you can store all your tools! Outfit changes! This has been requested for a long time to see how many scrolls you have claimed for your outfit, Its now been added to the game! Simply open up the costume manager and you will be able to see all the information! QoL & Bug Fixes * Fixed bug with masori assembler not saving arrows * Beaver pet will no longer be a wizard following you around (I wish i was kidding) * You can now leave your group ironman group/join a new one with 7 days cooldown! * Removed the halloween event but keept Dracula at home to exchange tokens with * Blowpipe now displays correct animation while attacking * You can now search for teleport on the teleport menu * Added ability to use CRL + B to open bank * Buffed Warmonger Loot * Buffed Primal Loot * Buffed Vardovirs Loot * Fixed crash for Group ironman upon pressing GIM Manager * Fixed visual glitch with Starter Bow * Reducing the amount of points needed to get purple at ToA * Added more HP to Tekton * Added more HP to Gulega * Added more HP to Vip Boss * Buffed Vote boss Droptable Future development! - Started development on a custom raid - Started making custom maps - Dumping latest osrs data
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