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    • Hello everyone! In this weeks update we're releasing the 2023 Galanor Christmas event.     Theme Changes: New login screen themed for the holiday season:   New winter home area:         Christmas Event Content:   Galanor Christmas Event Tree: Similar to the objects at the ::AFK area, you can chop this tree while you're idle to receive woodcutting experience, AFK Crystals,  and a small chance to receive a Christmas Present that contains some sweet loot!     Christmas Token Shop: Spend the Christmas Tokens you receive from participating in the event here! The shop offers some nice cosmetic items, Christmas Presents that contain a variety of good rewards, a Mini Santa pet, a Christmas Scythe, and more!   Showcasing the Christmas Scythe & Mini Santa pet:     Santa Costumes Showcase (Male & Female characters)         Santa Claus Speak to Santa at home, he will give you a Christmas spirit jar.   Enter the portal behind Santa to be teleported to the Christmas PVM Zone   Kill the snowmen to fill your jar with Christmas spirit. Once the jar is full, bring it to Santa and he will give you a present! Remember to collect the Christmas tokens dropped by the snowmen to spend at the shop.           Christmas Event World Boss: Every 2 hours the Snow Lord will spawn. To join the battle enter the command: ::xmas. There will be an announcement 5 minutes prior to the boss spawning to give everyone time to prepare!   Boss Mechanics: If you are standing too close, it has a chance to use a melee attack.     The boss will attack by using various different holiday items. Each item represents a different attack.   Blue partyhat attack: Basic magic attack (Pray protect from magic)     Green partyhat attack: Basic ranged attack (Pray protect from missiles)     Purple partyhat attack: Your protection prayers will be disabled when the attack is launched and you must pray magic before getting hit. If you fail to activate your magic protection prayer quick enough, you will take heavy damage and be frozen for a few seconds.     Yellow partyhats attack: Yellow partyhats will fall in random places around the arena (a shadow will appear on the tiles that are being targeted) once the partyhat hits the floor, lightning will strike the position and if you are standing on a dangerous tile you will take heavy damage.     Santa Hat Attack: A santa hat will be fired at every player in the arena, these will explode dealing damage to everyone within a 3x3 area of the explosion.           Thank you for your continued support and we wish you a very happy holiday season! - The Galanor Team    
    • Hello! In this weeks update we're making huge changes to Group ironman and much more and some QOL changes/bug fixes! Introducing Galanor Wizard Set!   Brand new BIS Magic Set!   You can obtain the new Galanor Wizard set in the upgrade chest by upgrading your Luna + Demonic peice + Heroic Dust (Upgrade dust) This set comes with a 1.2x heroic points multiplayer while wearing full set + 10 Droprate per peice! Heroic Merchant We have heard your concerns about heroic items aren't sold to easily therefor to upgrade for the new BIS magic set you have to sacrifice Heroic items to get the new dust! The shop is located at home     Toolbelt This QoL been requested for a long time and we have finally had some time over to add this new addition to the game! You can find the toolbelt in your equipment   After pressing the tool the interface opens where you can store all your tools!   Outfit changes! This has been requested for a long time to see how many scrolls you have claimed for your outfit, Its now been added to the game! Simply open up the costume manager and you will be able to see all the information! QoL & Bug Fixes * Fixed bug with masori assembler not saving arrows * Beaver pet will no longer be a wizard following you around (I wish i was kidding) * You can now leave your group ironman group/join a new one with 7 days cooldown! * Removed the halloween event but keept Dracula at home to exchange tokens with * Blowpipe now displays correct animation while attacking * You can now search for teleport on the teleport menu * Added ability to use CRL + B to open bank * Buffed Warmonger Loot * Buffed Primal Loot * Buffed Vardovirs Loot * Fixed crash for Group ironman upon pressing GIM Manager * Fixed visual glitch with Starter Bow * Reducing the amount of points needed to get purple at ToA * Added more HP to Tekton * Added more HP to Gulega * Added more HP to Vip Boss * Buffed Vote boss Droptable Future development! - Started development on a custom raid - Started making custom maps - Dumping latest osrs data  
    • Hello! In this weeks update we're releasing a new World Boss for the Halloween event, a task system for new players to obtain some decent starter equipment, and some QOL changes/bug fixes!       Starter Tasks & Equipment   To help new players, we've added 9 tasks for players to complete in exchange for some decent gear and some coins. The starter gear will last for 5000 attacks and then will degrade to dust.   The interface can be opened by typing ::starter   Tasks to complete:  - Kill 25 Rock crabs - Kill 10 King black dragons - Kill 25 Bandits - Bury 50 Bones - Thieve from 50 stalls - Claim 1 Vote reward - Light 10 Logs on Fire - Equip a Dragon Scimitar - Achieve level 99 Strength       New starter armor & Bow equipment stats       Halloween Event World Boss: Accessible via the command - ::hwb The Halloween World boss will spawn every 2 hours - and every 25 votes!   Every player who deals at least 200 damage to the boss is eligible to receive a drop.   The mechanics are pretty straight forward, Prayer flick the auto attacks and avoid the shadows on the floor - they will spawn flames that deal rapid damage.   Ranged Attack:     Magic Attack:     Special explosion attack (3x3 area)       Bug Fixes / QOL Changes:   - Added ::pos and ctrl+p keybind for ultmate +vip and deluxe rank - Cleaning cloth will now work on barrows seismic wand - TOB Chest on a slayer task will now only give XP the first time it is opened - Mini-me pet can no longer attack NPCs that are already being attacked by someone else in a single-way zone - ::bank command delay reduced significantly - Fixed a bug when using F-key keybinds in resizable mode - Uncharge option on cursed sanguinesti staff no longer prompts to destroy the item - Nightmare staffs can now be dismantled to recover the orbs & staff - Flower poker now plants the flowers in the correct positions - Pets & Loot boxes from TOA will now unlock bingo tiles - Heroic boots now correct droprate bonus - You can now combind all lesser auras to a lesser tribrid aura - Fixed visual glitch with Luna Cape - Fixed visual glitch with banshee set - Added more droprate for prestige above level 5            
    • The focus of this weeks update is the 2023 Galanor Halloween Event!     The home area has been re-skinned to have a spooky theme throughout the duration of the Halloween event.       A portal has been added to the home area that will take you to the Halloween event areas. Dracula has a small quest for you to complete, after the quest you'll unlock the PVM Zone where you can earn some cool Halloween items. Next to the Portal is the Halloween chest that can be unlocked with Halloween event keys. (Completion of the quest gives 5 keys and more can be obtained from the Halloween PVM Zone after the quest)     New Halloween Event Boss There is a boss that needs to be defeated during the Halloween event. Here's a quick summary of the mechanics:   Basic Attacks : Melee (if you're standing too close), Ranged, Magic The damage from these can be reduced by praying correctly.   AOE Attack: The boss has a chance to cast a fire ball at your position that will deal a large amount of damage within a 3x3 area if you fail to dodge it.   Shadows: Shadows will spawn randomly around the arena, standing in them deals rapid damage   Healing Phases: When the boss reaches 75%, 45% and 15% health, he will become invulnerable and spawn 4 healing pumpkins that need to be killed before the boss can be attacked again.               Rewards for completing Dracula's quest: Skeleton costume & 5 Halloween keys to open the Halloween chest   You'll also be able to access the Halloween Event PVM Zone   These Death monsters have some nice drops     Halloween Tokens earned from defeating the monsters at the PVM Zone can be spent at Dracula's shop In this shop you can purchase Halloween keys, some cool cosmetics and even a Death Pet!         Death's Grasp:   One of the rare rewards from the Halloween event chest or if you're extremely lucky you could receive it as a drop from the Death monsters at the Halloween Event PVM Zone.   This weapon double-hits and has stats slightly lower than the Osmumten's Fang (or)       Drygore Scythe Upgrade: A new item has been added to our store : The Drygore Scythe Attachment. Combining this attachment with the Drygore Scythe will create the 'SCYTHE OF MADNESS' This weapon boasts the same stats as the Drygore Scythe, but it attacks at a rate of 3-ticks instead of 4.         Deluxe Donator Rank:   A new donator rank tier has been added.    Here is a list of the perks of reaching the Deluxe Donator Rank: Monkey Token Bonus : 30 Drop Rate Bonus : 50 Charm Bonus : 2.0 Noted Resource Bonus : 90% Slayer Addition : 250 Blood Money Bonus : 5 Cancel Cost : 5 Block Cost : 25 Diaries Bonus Multiplier : 5 Pest Control Points : 5 Marks Of Grace : 50% Decanting Cost : 500 GWD Kc : 0 Dungeoneering Bonus Multiplier : 5 Daily Task Amount : 6   A new zone for Deluxe Donators will be added to the game soon. When you obtain the rank, you will receive a box that unlocks the 'Factory Outfit'       Other Changes - New Animated rank icons for both staff and donators - Volume settings are now properly saved  
    • This week we bring you our new bingo system and a lot of fixes/improvements to the game.     Bingo Keith has coded an automated Bingo system for us! The way it works is there is a bingo interface with several items on it. Players have to get those items as a drop in order to mark that spot as completed. You get rewards for each row completed, and when the event ends the top 3 people with the most points get a mega reward.   Bingo events are gonna run on a weekly basis!           Patch notes - Proboscis no longer stackable - Can now get noted mahogany logs from woodcutting - ToB bugs fixed - Added 2 new runelite plugins: object marker + inventory checker - Heroic NPCs now drop elite clue scrolls commonly - ToB drop rate increased - Daily PvM points shop rework - Healing NPC added to ToA lobby - Buffed elite void accuracy & max hit bonus - Added elite void to donator ticket shop - Bank at ToA lobby now has working presets option - Buffed Nomad drop rate for fang/ornament kit - Lowered the amount of Heroic NPCs per task - Mini-me has been buffed - Sanguinesti staff destroy option fix - Bond upgrades now require more fragments (inflation) - Heroic items drops have been lowered - Masori (X) has a HP buff now - Buffed the demonic chest loot - Demonic keys a little rarer now - Buffed starfire loot significantly - Tumeken's light untradeable - Mini-me pet untradeable - Can no longer use deathtouch darts in ToB/ToA - Autocast spell is now remembered if you switch weapons - Added DR boost for tumekens shadow, tumekens light and fang (or)    
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