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    • Guest MeganOxype
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    • Guest Jamessmods
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    • Uber Donator Rank    It's time for another rank! This time, the Uber donator rank brings even more perks. Boasting a whopping 10k total donating required.   This new rank has improved donator benefits: - 75% droprate - 200% chance to receive double charms - 100% chance to get noted resources during skilling - 300 additional slayer points after completing tasks - no cost when cancelling slayer tasks - 5 slayer points per task block - 7x dungeoneering points multiplier - 7x blood money multiplier - 7x diray points multiplier - 7x pest control points multiplier - 50% chance to get marks of grace - Decanting potions cost 250 each - Access to VIP boss - 50 monkey token bonus - 8 daily tasks per day   Other than the regular benefits, Uber donators also get a 5% damage increase! They also have reduced prayer drain, by 30%   There's also a new boss spawning just for Uber donators, so get your rank and don't miss out!     This boss spawns every 3 hours, but be there, cause it's drop table is JUICE.       Summer Event V2   There are new goodies available at Sandy! She found some more in her prison wallet, some never seen before! She'll still accept your summer tokens, so keep on your grind.     Speaking of tokens, there's a new way to get some!   Introducing, touching mushrooms?     These guys love your presence and will gladly grant you some summer tokens! This is a nice way to afk for some juicy rewards. These shrooms will give you 1k tokens per hour and a chance at an afk box.     World boss instance   These insanely OP instances suddenly spawned in Galanor. You'll be able to enter an instance by receiving a Boss Instance Token.     These tokens are obtainable throughout Galanor, from world bosses and such!   Once entered, you'll get to fight some of the world bosses that reside in Galanor. Once you reach the last wave, you'll encounter the Rich Wise Old Man! This guy had invested in bitcoin before it was cool and made a ton of profit. You should totally murder him and get some of his sweet wealth!   Wave 1   Wave 2   Wave 3   Wave 4       Summer Promocode   Another nice promocode arrives! This time, use ::promocode and use code gsummer for a summer staff. This staff is a harmonized nightmare staff, with 3000 charges, perfect for early to mid game!         Boss pets   Someone forgot to use protection, and now Galanor is running rampant with new pets! These pets can be obtained by slaying their parent, as well as the Summer shop v2!   The new pets are:   Whisperer   Wise   Galvek   Sandy (Hawk Tuah)   Vardorvis   These pets are boss pets, so you can use your perk scrolls on them! Good luck collecting them for the fashionscape.     Changes/Bug fixes   - Zulrah now respawns in the instance - Zalcano chest is now re-added - Zalcano now respawns correctly - Nex now works again - Hs2 mobs now respawn correctly - Fixed issue with NPC's not respawning correctly - Enhanced relics now last 15 minutes and have a 20 minute cooldown - All heroic ranged tasks now have reduced HP - Buffed Seren Godbow - Buffed Cursed Twisted Bow - Buffed Elite Twisted Bow - Fixed bug with blowpipe while having heroic arrows - Bandos is no longer aggro - Saradomin Boss is no longer aggro - Upgrade to bond now requires 25% more fragments  - Upgrading bonds now requires slightly more GP - ::Rules now takes you to the correct Rules    
    • Guest CraigDom
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    • Guest <th:t="${dfb}#foreach
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