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    • Wise Raids   The wise old man and his evil twin have taken over the duel arena! In this raid, you'll be faced with the combined power of the wise old men.   These formidable foes can only be attacked one at a time, until their HP drops 25% Once you've lowered the hitpoints of one of the wise brothers, it's time to fight the other one! Each wise brother has it's own attack. RED is a mage attack. GREEN is a ranged attack. Both wise brothers can summon a wall of fire, try to dodge it by stepping into a spot where the wall doesn't reach!     Of course Galanor will reward you for defeating the wise brother's. Once you complete the raid, you will be rewarded with a Wise Raid Key.   Reward Preview:       Wheel of Fortune   I love gambling. Everyone loves gambling. That's why we at Galanor introduce: Gambling!     The Wheel of Fortune can be found in the ::gamble zone. You'll be able to obtain Wheel of Fortune tokens from the Store.   The wheel has amazing rewards like an outfit box, Tumeken's Shadow and the new 5% Outfit crystal scroll.   Reward Preview:   The wheel's rewards will change over time, so keep an eye out for new rewards in coming updates!       Mini-me + outfit perks   Mini-me has been asking us for another buff. He's so smol and cute, how could we say no?! You'll now be able to craft 3 types of scrolls that can be applied to your local mini-me's in your area. Each scroll can be applied once and give the following effects: - DR Mini-me pet scroll gives 50% droprate - Heal Mini-me pet scroll works like the pet perk, where you have a chance to heal when damaging an enemy - Crit Mini-me pet scroll gives the player a chance to crit, dealing 30% more damage       You've probably seen the Poisoned fish food  5% Outfit crystal scroll in the upgrader. This scroll allows you to apply a whopping 5% DMG or DR boost on top of your 25% from regular outfit scrolls. When claiming the scroll, you have the option to apply the 5% to either DMG or DR. You can only use one scroll on DMG and one scroll on DR.       Gem Chest   The Gem chest will be the way to obtain our new outfit and mini-me scrolls and crystals. You get between 300 and 1200 mini-me crystals and between 500 and 2000 outfit crystals.   Reward Preview:   You'll be able to obtain the Gem Key in a few ways, through the store, as well as some world bosses.       Leaderboards   Always wanted to flex on those other nerds with your achievements? (touch grass) We've added something just for you. Introducing ::leaderboards:     With this nifty new interface you can track some of your achievements like Col Logs, KC and EXP. You can compare dick sizes leaderboard ranks with other players, making your achievements even better!     The player Info side will be filled out next update with some cool "did you know's" about your account!       Tumeken's Blood (i)   Of course there can't be an update without a new shiny thing to chase after. We've duct-taped a new ornament kit to a Tumeken's Blood, making it better than ever.   We added a kick-ass special attack to it, hitting 3 times for up to 700 each hit!     The new staff also boasts a whopping +10 in magic accuracy and damage, as well as a 15% DR bonus.       Pet Merchant   Been looking for the pet shelter because you've got 5 callisto's in your bank? The pet merchant will gladly adopt all your extra pets! In return, he'll give you 4 Pet Perk boxes per pet.         Other Changes   Added a nurse to Dungeons of Secrets Made overloads stackable Mini-me's pickup option can now be hidden You can now check the HS2 shop to see your HS2 points Heroic cannon now takes more cannonballs Heroic cannon balls now deal more damage Support cape now has higher stats Support cape now has Ava's effect Added slayer gem to the starter pack Ring of death now automatically opens caskets Supporter ring now automatically opens caskets Nightmare's KC announcement is now fixed Nightmare's Collection log is now fixed Nightmare's requirement is changed to prestige 1 Removed Bork's prestige requirement Added bork instance Added Thermonuclear smoke devil instance Fixed skotizo's map Changed DK's respawn timer to 10 seconds Made DK's instanced Removed drop announcements to barrows Removed 99 skill announcement Added Progression Log completion announcement Fixed Imbued hearts, they now boost stats correctly Improved lighting in multiple areas in HD Changed raids party interface, it won't pop up every time anymore Made Zalcano attackable, you no longer need to cast spells in order to damage her Added an "open all" option to galanor keys Added a search bar to the Kill Count log, so you can search for specific npcs Added new emotes to chat Added 10% droprate to Galanor Aura Pest control now only requires 1 player to start Added a vote reminder! If you haven't voted you will be reminded every 15 Minutes    
    • We're happy to announce the release of Progression Tasks!     Progression Tasks   Sigbert the Adventurer is waiting for you at home, to bring you a whole new adventure!     Talk to him to acquire your first Progression Task book! The Progression Task book comes in tiers Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite.     This book, when opened, shows you all sorts of tasks you can do for rewards...   Easy Progression Task Rewards   Medium Progression Task Rewards   Hard Progression Task Rewards   Once all tasks for a specific tier are completed, you can claim the next book for even more rewards! Some notable rewards of the progression tasks are:   35, 50 and 75% DR scrolls   Attuned Crystal Bow A new bow that sits between the Elite Twisted Bow and the Sirenic Twisted Bow       Telos   Telos has appeared!     This new world boss is for Premium Members and spawns every 3 hours. He's a very generous world boss, dropping all sorts of goodies!         Mini-me   Are you tired of clicking your mini-me on accident while pvming? We got a solution for you!     Mini-me also got a huge buff! We made him taller, so that he can finally follow his dreams of becoming a basketball player. With his size also grew his strength, increasing from 120 to 150!     Trivia   We listened to all you avid trivia enjoyers. Galanor now has a trivia shop to spend your hard earned points on!     The trivia timer is now 30 minutes, so that you can catch your breath after using your brain so much.     Other / Miscellaneous Changes:   Cannon now store up to 50 cannon balls Heroic Cannon now stores up to 100 cannon balls Administrators can now trade ironmen Fixed an issue where players couldn't attack QBD's blue and green face Transparent chatbox now saves upon logging out Added droprate to the following items: Scythe of Madnees Attuned Crystal Bow Masori Mask Masori Body   Masori Chaps        
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