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Galanor Update #13 - Halloween Event World Boss, Starter Tasks, and Bug Fixes


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Hello! In this weeks update we're releasing a new World Boss for the Halloween event, a task system for new players to obtain some decent starter equipment, and some QOL changes/bug fixes!





Starter Tasks & Equipment


To help new players, we've added 9 tasks for players to complete in exchange for some decent gear and some coins.

The starter gear will last for 5000 attacks and then will degrade to dust.


The interface can be opened by typing ::starter


Tasks to complete: 

- Kill 25 Rock crabs

- Kill 10 King black dragons

- Kill 25 Bandits

- Bury 50 Bones

- Thieve from 50 stalls

- Claim 1 Vote reward

- Light 10 Logs on Fire

- Equip a Dragon Scimitar

- Achieve level 99 Strength





New starter armor & Bow equipment stats





Halloween Event World Boss:

Accessible via the command - ::hwb

The Halloween World boss will spawn every 2 hours - and every 25 votes!


Every player who deals at least 200 damage to the boss is eligible to receive a drop.


The mechanics are pretty straight forward, Prayer flick the auto attacks and avoid the shadows on the floor - they will spawn flames that deal rapid damage.


Ranged Attack:




Magic Attack:




Special explosion attack (3x3 area)






Bug Fixes / QOL Changes:


- Added ::pos and ctrl+p keybind for ultmate +vip and deluxe rank

- Cleaning cloth will now work on barrows seismic wand

- TOB Chest on a slayer task will now only give XP the first time it is opened

- Mini-me pet can no longer attack NPCs that are already being attacked by someone else in a single-way zone

::bank command delay reduced significantly

- Fixed a bug when using F-key keybinds in resizable mode

- Uncharge option on cursed sanguinesti staff no longer prompts to destroy the item

- Nightmare staffs can now be dismantled to recover the orbs & staff

- Flower poker now plants the flowers in the correct positions

- Pets & Loot boxes from TOA will now unlock bingo tiles
- Heroic boots now correct droprate bonus
- You can now combind all lesser auras to a lesser tribrid aura
- Fixed visual glitch with Luna Cape
- Fixed visual glitch with banshee set
- Added more droprate for prestige above level 5








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