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Galanor Update #10 - The Tombs of Amascut


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This week we are finally releasing the Tombs of Amascut raid!





Tombs of Amascut


If you wish to attempt the raid you may find it in the 'Minigames' tab of the teleports interface





Once you arrive at the lobby you'll see the Grouping Obelisk. This is where you can create or join raiding parties.





Once you've established your raiding party, you may select which Invocations you'd like to enable during the raid. Invocations increase the difficulty of the raid by adding new mechanics or restrictions and also increases the health of the bosses found inside the raid.




Making the raid more difficult may sound counter-productive, however by doing so you will increase the chances of receiving a rare drop at the end of the raid and also increase the amount of points you'll receive during the raid which will give you more regular loot.


If you have no experience with the raid you may want to learn the raid without any invocations enabled and start slowly enabling them as you gain more experience.






In the first phase of the encounter, you will need to defeat the obelisk while dealing with attacks from the 2 Wardens.




The Obelisk will spawn little orbs (red skulls) that will travel towards the Wardens. Once the skull reaches the Warden it will increase the charge for the Warden's next attack. You can slow down or delay a Warden's attack by standing in front of the orbs. (This will deal 3 damage per orb to your character)




The first of the Warden's special attacks during this Phase will spawn rotating lasers around the arena that will deal rapid damage you if you stand underneath one.



For their second attack, the Wardens will fire powerful orbs at the players in the arena.

If you are in a solo encounter you will need to tank the damage from these attacks.

In a group raid the orbs have special mechanics:


-The large orb fired by Tumeken: Players must stand on top of eachother (death dot) to reduce the damage from this orb

-The smaller orb fired by Elidinis: Players need to be at least 2 tiles away from eachother or else they will take extra damage






Phase 2


After you defeat the Obelisk, it's time to move on to the second phase of the fight, you will now be fighting one of the wardens while avoiding special attacks from the Obelisk.



The first special attack from the Obelisk during this phase is floor lasers. These lasers will advance in a triangular form coming from all directions.





The second special attack from the Obelisk is the 'Windmill' attack. Red tiles will appear around the arena that look like a windmill, and will rotate around the arena every few seconds. Avoid standing on these tiles.





The third special attack, the Obelisk will fire lightning skulls (bombs) around the arena that will have an AOE effect with lightning surrounding the bomb. Standing on a dangerous tile will cause you to take damage.






Now that we've gone over the Obelisk's special attacks... Here are the different attacks the Warden can do.


Normal Attacks:


The warden will throw a little rock looking projectile at you. Protect from missiles to reduce the damage taken.






The warden will fire a red skull at you. Protect from Magic to reduce the damage taken.





The warden also has a melee attack that he can use if you are close enough





Warden Special Attacks:

Divine Projectile:

The warden will disable your protection prayers and fire a projectile at you. There are 3 different projectiles - One for each different combat style.


Blue orb = Activate protect from magic

White arrow = Activate protect from missiles

Red scimitar = Activate protect from melee








The warden will fire a projectile at your position. If you fail to dodge it you will be stunned for a few seconds.






During the second phase, you will need to deal damage to the warden until it releases it's core. (Indicated by the yellow HP bar above the warden's head)

Look at which protection prayer the warden is using to determine which combat style to use (the warden will change protection prayers each time it is downed)





Once the yellow HP Bar is full, the core will be released and you will need to attack the core.

Using melee attacks against the core will guarantee that you hit a max hit.

Dealing damage to the core will damage the warden. Once you've dealt enough damage to the core to defeat the warden, you will move onto the final phase of the boss fight.





Phase 3 (Final Phase)





During this phase of the fight, you will face the Damaged warden. His primary attack is an AOE attack that you need to avoid by standing on certain parts of the arena



The warden will start by attacking the tiles on the left side of the room, therefore you need to stand on the right side to avoid the attack





Next he will target the right side, so you need to move to the left




And lastly he will attack both of the sides and you'll need to stand in the center to avoid damage.






At intervals of 20% HP, the warden will release energy siphons. You need to destroy these siphons using a melee weapon. If you take too long to destroy all of the siphons, they will explode causing you to take massive damage and potentially instantly kill you depending on how many siphons were remaining.






During the second wave of energy siphons (60% HP) the warden will summon the first phantom (Zebak or Akkha's phantom)

This phantom will attack you with mage & range attacks. Use protection prayers to reduce the damage.



When the third wave of energy siphons are sent (40% HP) the second phantom will appear. (Ba-ba or Kephi's phantom)

This phantom will use AOE attacks (rocks or a fireball) that target your current position. Move out of the way to avoid taking damage.




Enrage Phase:

Once the Warden is reduced to 5% HP, you begin the final stretch of the boss fight. The Warden will become enraged and start removing tiles from the arena starting from the back of the room. You will need to keep paying attention to the attacks from the phantoms while also dodging the lightning spawning everywhere in the arena.





Once the Warden is defeated, a teleport crystal will appear to take you to the loot room.







Loot Room:




When you enter the loot room, look for the chest that has a rotating key on the front. This indicates that the chest belongs to you. If your team is lucky enough to be receive one of the unique items, the Sarcophagus in the center of the chests will have purple flames around it.



Good luck gamers!




The encounter was modelled after the original OSRS raid. If you would like a better understanding of the raid than what was provided here, you may search for youtube videos/guides of the OSRS raid.

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