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Galanor Update #11 - Bingo system & patch notes


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This week we bring you our new bingo system and a lot of fixes/improvements to the game.





Keith has coded an automated Bingo system for us!

The way it works is there is a bingo interface with several items on it. Players have to get those items as a drop in order to mark that spot as completed. You get rewards for each row completed, and when the event ends the top 3 people with the most points get a mega reward.


Bingo events are gonna run on a weekly basis!









Patch notes

- Proboscis no longer stackable
- Can now get noted mahogany logs from woodcutting

- ToB bugs fixed

- Added 2 new runelite plugins: object marker + inventory checker
- Heroic NPCs now drop elite clue scrolls commonly
- ToB drop rate increased
- Daily PvM points shop rework
- Healing NPC added to ToA lobby
- Buffed elite void accuracy & max hit bonus
- Added elite void to donator ticket shop
- Bank at ToA lobby now has working presets option
- Buffed Nomad drop rate for fang/ornament kit
- Lowered the amount of Heroic NPCs per task
- Mini-me has been buffed
- Sanguinesti staff destroy option fix
- Bond upgrades now require more fragments (inflation)
- Heroic items drops have been lowered
- Masori (X) has a HP buff now
- Buffed the demonic chest loot
- Demonic keys a little rarer now
- Buffed starfire loot significantly
- Tumeken's light untradeable
- Mini-me pet untradeable
- Can no longer use deathtouch darts in ToB/ToA
- Autocast spell is now remembered if you switch weapons

- Added DR boost for tumekens shadow, tumekens light and fang (or)



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