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Galanor Update #12 - Halloween Event


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The focus of this weeks update is the 2023 Galanor Halloween Event!




The home area has been re-skinned to have a spooky theme throughout the duration of the Halloween event.





A portal has been added to the home area that will take you to the Halloween event areas.

Dracula has a small quest for you to complete, after the quest you'll unlock the PVM Zone where you can earn some cool Halloween items.

Next to the Portal is the Halloween chest that can be unlocked with Halloween event keys. (Completion of the quest gives 5 keys and more can be obtained from the Halloween PVM Zone after the quest)




New Halloween Event Boss

There is a boss that needs to be defeated during the Halloween event. Here's a quick summary of the mechanics:


Basic Attacks :

Melee (if you're standing too close), Ranged, Magic

The damage from these can be reduced by praying correctly.


AOE Attack:

The boss has a chance to cast a fire ball at your position that will deal a large amount of damage within a 3x3 area if you fail to dodge it.



Shadows will spawn randomly around the arena, standing in them deals rapid damage


Healing Phases:

When the boss reaches 75%, 45% and 15% health, he will become invulnerable and spawn 4 healing pumpkins that need to be killed before the boss can be attacked again.












Rewards for completing Dracula's quest:

Skeleton costume & 5 Halloween keys to open the Halloween chest



You'll also be able to access the Halloween Event PVM Zone



These Death monsters have some nice drops





Halloween Tokens earned from defeating the monsters at the PVM Zone can be spent at Dracula's shop

In this shop you can purchase Halloween keys, some cool cosmetics and even a Death Pet!








Death's Grasp:


One of the rare rewards from the Halloween event chest or if you're extremely lucky you could receive it as a drop from the Death monsters at the Halloween Event PVM Zone.



This weapon double-hits and has stats slightly lower than the Osmumten's Fang (or)






Drygore Scythe Upgrade:

A new item has been added to our store : The Drygore Scythe Attachment.

Combining this attachment with the Drygore Scythe will create the 'SCYTHE OF MADNESS'

This weapon boasts the same stats as the Drygore Scythe, but it attacks at a rate of 3-ticks instead of 4.







Deluxe Donator Rank:


A new donator rank tier has been added. 


Here is a list of the perks of reaching the Deluxe Donator Rank:

Monkey Token Bonus : 30

Drop Rate Bonus : 50

Charm Bonus : 2.0

Noted Resource Bonus : 90%

Slayer Addition : 250

Blood Money Bonus : 5 Cancel Cost : 5

Block Cost : 25

Diaries Bonus Multiplier : 5

Pest Control Points : 5

Marks Of Grace : 50%

Decanting Cost : 500

GWD Kc : 0

Dungeoneering Bonus Multiplier : 5

Daily Task Amount : 6


A new zone for Deluxe Donators will be added to the game soon.

When you obtain the rank, you will receive a box that unlocks the 'Factory Outfit'






Other Changes

- New Animated rank icons for both staff and donators

- Volume settings are now properly saved


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