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Galanor Update #15 - Christmas Event


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Hello everyone! In this weeks update we're releasing the 2023 Galanor Christmas event.




Theme Changes:

New login screen themed for the holiday season:



New winter home area:







Christmas Event Content:


Galanor Christmas Event Tree:

Similar to the objects at the ::AFK area, you can chop this tree while you're idle to receive woodcutting experience, AFK Crystals,  and a small chance to receive a Christmas Present that contains some sweet loot!




Christmas Token Shop:

Spend the Christmas Tokens you receive from participating in the event here! The shop offers some nice cosmetic items, Christmas Presents that contain a variety of good rewards, a Mini Santa pet, a Christmas Scythe, and more!



Showcasing the Christmas Scythe & Mini Santa pet:




Santa Costumes Showcase (Male & Female characters)







Santa Claus

Speak to Santa at home, he will give you a Christmas spirit jar.



Enter the portal behind Santa to be teleported to the Christmas PVM Zone



Kill the snowmen to fill your jar with Christmas spirit. Once the jar is full, bring it to Santa and he will give you a present!

Remember to collect the Christmas tokens dropped by the snowmen to spend at the shop.







Christmas Event World Boss:

Every 2 hours the Snow Lord will spawn. To join the battle enter the command: ::xmas. There will be an announcement 5 minutes prior to the boss spawning to give everyone time to prepare!



Boss Mechanics:

If you are standing too close, it has a chance to use a melee attack.




The boss will attack by using various different holiday items. Each item represents a different attack.


Blue partyhat attack: Basic magic attack (Pray protect from magic)




Green partyhat attack: Basic ranged attack (Pray protect from missiles)




Purple partyhat attack: Your protection prayers will be disabled when the attack is launched and you must pray magic before getting hit. If you fail to activate your magic protection prayer quick enough, you will take heavy damage and be frozen for a few seconds.




Yellow partyhats attack: Yellow partyhats will fall in random places around the arena (a shadow will appear on the tiles that are being targeted) once the partyhat hits the floor, lightning will strike the position and if you are standing on a dangerous tile you will take heavy damage.




Santa Hat Attack: A santa hat will be fired at every player in the arena, these will explode dealing damage to everyone within a 3x3 area of the explosion.








Thank you for your continued support and we wish you a very happy holiday season!

- The Galanor Team



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