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Galanor Update #16 - Dungeon of Secrets (NEW CUSTOM RAID)


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In this weeks update we're excited to present our new Custom Raid:

The Dungeon of Secrets.




How to access the new raid:

You can get to the raid lobby via the Teleport Menu - Minigames tab.






Entering the raid:

Create a raid party and invite your teammates inside the lobby area



Once you've created your party, the party leader can click on one of the barriers which will ask which will open an interface allowing you to select the raid difficulty and provides information for each difficulty.



The interface shows different stats that change based on the selected difficulty and which unique items are obtainable. Some of the unique items can only be obtained from harder difficulties but more difficult raids also increase the chance of rolling a unique item.




Unique Rewards:


Secret Crystals:

There are 3 different crystals you can receive. One for melee, one for magic, and one for ranged.

These crystals can be combined with Heroic boots, necklace and bracelet to create new best-in-slot items.

To gain bonus stats the items must be charged with secret dust (see below) the uncharged variant will have the same bonuses as the non-upgraded item






Secret Dust:

This dust is a common drop inside the raid. It is a tradable resource used to charge the upgraded heroic items listed above. 




Raids Ring (Dungeon of Secrets)

Similar to the other raids rings, this ring will increase the chance of your team receiving a unique item (purple chest) at the end of the raid by 5% (must be equipped when the final boss is defeated)

This 5% bonus applies for each player in the raid who has one equipped.




Owner Box:

A mystery crate that contains many desirable items




Soulreaper Axe

A very powerful axe (Not used for cutting trees)







Dungeon of Secrets Challenges / Boss Fights


There are 2 challenges that must be completed (in any order) before you can face the final boss.



Challenge 1: (Western Room)

5 Different types of opponents will spawn every few seconds for around 1 minute. Defeat them as quickly as possible as they spawn to avoid being swarmed.


The different types of opponents that can spawn are:

Mage - Attacks with blood barrage

Warrior - Attacks with melee

Archer - Attacks with ranged

Healer - Heals itself or other Npcs in the room

Botanist - Throws an explosive potion at its target's position that will deal damage if the player doesn't dodge it.




Challenge 2: (Eastern Room)

This boss has 2 special attacks along with melee, magic, and ranged basic attacks.




Poison curse special attack:

The boss will curse your player with a random type of poison (blue, yellow, green, or red) the poison will deal increasing rapid damage unless you are standing on the corresponding color tile




Stand on the blue tiles until the poison wears off to avoid taking the damage.





Colored Axe Special Attack:

Similar to the previously mentioned special attack, the boss will throw a randomly colored axe at you. To avoid taking guaranteed large damage from it, you'll need to run to the corresponding tiles before the axe reaches your character.








After both of the first challenges are complete. Enter one of the caves at the north side of the rooms to enter the final boss arena.








The Final Challenge


Do you think you have what it takes to defeat the final boss in the Dungeon of Secrets?

Good luck!









Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy Galanor's brand new custom raid and look forward to hearing your feedback.

- The Galanor team.



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Guest Stevennem
Thanks for developing such a insightful and engaging website. I am look ahead to sharing information as soon as such a time appears by itself! Thank you a second time for giving this open towards people!
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