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Galanor Update #17 - Heroic Slayer 2


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We're happy to announce the release of Heroic Slayer 2!




Heroic Slayer 2 - Phase 1



Heroic Slayer 2 is a new skill for you to train. This skill does not currently required for the max & completionist capes and isn't needed for prestige.



* The skill must first be unlocked by reading a 'Heroic Slayer 2 Book' that can be purchased from the Heroic Slayer 1 shop.





Similar to the regular slayer skill, speak to the Heroic Slayer 2 Master to receive a slayer task.

You will receive Heroic slayer 2 points at the end of the task. The amount of points you receive will differ based on which creature you were assigned, how many were assigned, and your task streak. 



all the current existing Heroic Slayer 2 task creatures can be found from the 'Heroic Slayer 2' teleport option in the teleport menu (Skilling tab).











Heroic Slayer 2 Rewards (HS2 Shop):



Heroic Cannon - Fires Heroic Cannonballs that can deal much more damage than a regular cannon.




Combat Relics:

Relic of strength - Increases melee damage by 15% for 10 minutes (30 minute cooldown)

Relic of magic - Increases magic damage by 15% for 10 minutes (30 minute cooldown)

Relic of ranging - Increases ranged damage by 15% for 10 minutes (30 minute cooldown)

Relic of defence - Reduces damage taken by 50% for 10 minutes (30 minute cooldown)




Raid Relics:

Relic of raids (COX) - Reduces damage inside chambers of xeric by 50% while active (must be activated every raid)

Relic of raids (TOB) - Reduces damage inside the theatre of blood by 50% while active (must be activated every raid)

Relic of raids (TOA) - Reduces damage inside the tombs of amascut by 50% while active (must be activated every raid)

Relic of raids (DOS) - Reduces damage inside the dungeon of secrets by 50% while active (must be activated every raid)




Magic Aura - +30 magic damage stat bonus

Range Aura - +30 magic damage stat bonus

Slayer Aura - +30% bonus Heroic Slayer 2 Points (if equipped when task complete)






New Upgradable Item in Upgrade Chest:

You can Upgrade 2 Heroic Slayer Helmets and a Heroic Skull into a Heroic Slayer Helm (i) that gives a 15% damage bonus against Heroic Slayer 2 Monsters if it is your current task.







Drop Table Previews:











Heroic Slayer 2 World Boss:

- The Enraged Demon Goblin -


Every few hours the World Boss will spawn. Players with at least level 40 Heroic Slayer will be able to join the battle.









Other / Miscellaneous Changes:

- Dark nightmare staff attack speed adjusted

- Tumeken's blood attack speed adjusted


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