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Voting for BEGINNERS


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1. Voting rewards you with vote bookes which can be used to double your xp.

Extremely helpful for prestiging which gives you access to a prestige store and increased Drop Rate!


You can vote every 12 hours by typing ::vote in game.

After voting you can type ::voted to recieve your rewards.



2. After you recieve the vote book, see below, you click it an recieve a few million gold and 20 minutes of double experience.



3. Voting also gives you vote points which can be used at the voting store. Which can be found near the home bank.


This will give you access to a number of good items especially for early game image.png.794b3305f9d6ab17acd150907e13dd13.png


4. Also one of the best things of voting is it allows you to enter into the minigame TROLL INVASION which can be found in the spellbook teleports under Minigame.

After you complete the minigame it will give you a book to open with a few boxes and a galanor chest key which allows you to take a chance to recieve some awesome late game items (if you are lucky). 



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